Working Papers

A Selection of papers given at the final Cultures of the Suburbs Conference Imagining the Suburbs held at Exeter University 19-21 June 2014

Allan Cochrane, The Open University; Bob Colenutt and Martin Field, University of Northampton Living on the edge Cochrane et al

Antonia Mackay, Oxford Brookes University,  Simulacra and Selves in Cold War Suburbia

Janice Morphet, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, Spies in the Suburbs.Bringing the Cold War to the Suburbs Relocating the Post-War Conflict in Le Carre and Deighton

Briaval Holcombe, Rutgers University, USA, Suburban social relationships in the material and virtual worlds

Shuntaro Nozawa, PhD Candidate, Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, Imagination in Action: A Case of Hankyu Corporation and Its Suburban Development in Japan, 1910-1939





A selection of papers given at the Inaugural Cultures of the Suburbs Symposium held at NUI, Maynooth in December 2011:

Dr Amanda Hagood, Environmental Studies, Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas  Science Fiction in the Suburbs

Daphne Medina, Independent Scholar  Colorado Springs Suburban Residential Landscapes as Cultural Historic Resources

Kate Scarth, PhD candidate, University of Warwick, UK  Charlotte Smiths Eighteenth Century Sensory Suburbs


A selection of papers given at the second Cultures of the Suburbs Symposium at Hofstra University, Long Island in June 2013:

Dr Ellen Avitts, Assistant Professor, Art History, Central Washington University Subversion in Suburbia. Presentations and Practices of Living in Suburban Homes at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century

Kristen Gagnon, PhD candidate, Carleton University, Ottawa Semi Urbanism. Creating a New Housing Typology Through Slippage

Professor Carol Hager, Associate Professor of Political Science, Bryn Mawr College Community Planning in an Ecologically Sensitive Landscape. The New Jersey Pinelands

Dr Carlos A. Reimers, School of Architecture and Planning, The Catholic University of America Informal Suburbia