Atlantic Cities

The Atlantic Cities explores the most innovative ideas and pressing issues facing today’s global cities and neighborhoods. By bringing together news, analysis, data and trends, the site is an engaging destination for an increasingly urbanised world.

Better! Cities and Towns

Better! Cities & Towns is dedicated to providing the best news, analysis, and intelligence on compact, mixed-use growth and development available in any medium. We offer free blogs, articles, and links to useful content from around the web, updated daily. We also offer premium articles from our periodical Better! Cities & Towns, formerly called New Urban News.

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

Created in 1996, the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program provides decision makers with timely trend analysis, cutting-edge research and policy ideas for improving the health and prosperity of cities and metropolitan areas. The site includes: events, media reports, research and commentary, projects, news and blogs.


The Citistates Group is led by America’s only journalist team focused first and foremost on metropolitan regions and how they position themselves to cope with the demanding economic, environmental, social challenges of the 21st century. Inaugurated in 2009, Citiwire offers, each week, two columns focused on modern urban challenges.


Hierarchical directory with links to thousands of planning and urbanism related websites. Powered by the Department of Urban Planning of the University of Buffalo.

Green Sprawl: Promoting Sustainability Through Design Practices

“Sprawl” (i.e. Urban and Suburban) is a concept that includes the outwards spread of densely populated environments into lower populated, more rural areas. This move into low-density land leads to more automobile-dependent development that encourages car dependency due to an increased separation between stores and residential areas. “Green sprawl” seeks to repair the dysfunction associated with suburban and urban sprawl, such as the partitions of residential and commercial uses, by transforming automobile-dependent communities into more interconnected, sustainably designed and functioning suburbs. Blog at

Knowledgeplex: The Affordable Housing and Community Development Resource for Professionals

Includes discussions on a variety of related topics, news stories, special reports and ‘expert chat’

National League of Cities: Helping City Leaders Build Better Communities (US)

NLC news, resources, networks, conferences and media coverage of relevant urban and suburban issues.

New Urbanism: Creating Liveable Sustainable Communities

Website at

Places: Forum of Design for the Pubic Realm.

PLACES is about the design of places, the experiences they make possible and the consequences they have in our lives. Being in places involves social encounters, immersion in the sights, sounds, sun, wind and atmosphere of a locale, and curiosity abuot the traces of thought, imagination and investment that have guided their construction and use over time. PLACES is about the dynamics of nature and culture and the conscious stewarding of resources.

Planetizen: Planning, Design and Development

Planetizen is a public-interest information exchange provided by Urban Insight for the urban planning, design, and development community. It is a one-stop source for urban planning news, commentary, interviews, event coverage, book reviews, announcements, jobs, consultant listings, training, and more.

Polis: European Cities and Regions Networking for Innovative Transport Solutions

Polis is a network of European cities and regions working together to deploy innovative technologies and policies for a more sustainable mobility. Website at

PPS: Project for Public Spaces

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit planning, design and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. Our pioneering Placemaking approach helps citizens transform their public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs.

Radical Urban Theory

Writings on the modern urban (and suburban) condition.


‘The World’s Best Thinkers on the Urban Future’: this site contains a range of feeds and discussions on design, planning and related events and resources.

StreetsBlog Network

Streetsblog is a daily news source connecitng people to information about sustainable transportation and liveable communities. Blog at


The Town and Country Planning Association campaigns for the reform of the UK’s planning system to make it more responsive to people’s needs and aspirations and to promote sustainable development. The TCPA occupies a unique position, overlapping with those involved in the development industry, the environmental movement and those concerned with social justice. The Association prides itself on leading-edge, radical thinking and problem-solving. Website and membership information at and information on the recent project ‘Recreating Garden Cities for the 21st Century’ at


A selection of urban planning related articles and comments. and for suburb-specific articles

The Urban Re/Inventors

This site contains a range of links to relevant online journals, portals, blogs, institutions, multimedia sites, groups and networks concerned with mainly urban but also suburban issues