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‘Showing Paintings of British Suburban Houses to Saudis’ (BBC online News Magazine, 26 April 2012)

‘Will That Starbucks Last?’ Interview with Alan Ehrenhalt (Salon, 26 April 2012)

‘Building a Better Suburb’ (Ottawa Citizen, 25 April 2012)

‘New Census Data Shows Canadian Suburbs Rule’ (CBC News, 12 April 2012)

‘US Growth of Distant Suburbs Falls to Historic Low’, by Hope Yen (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5 April 2012)

‘Global Suburban Simulacra’, by Linda Constant (Balance of Culture, 4 April 2012)

‘Robert Adams: A Photographer with a Profound Sense of Place’, by Sean O’Hagan (The Guardian, 16 February 2012)

‘Suburban Artists Paint the Big City’, by Robert Knox (The Boston Globe, 12 January 2012)

‘Paradise Mislaid: In Pop Culture, Suburbia is all over the Map’, by Todd Leopold (CNN, 22 December 2011)

‘The Suburbs: An Unlikely Hub of Creativity?’, by Sarah Adams (ArtsHub, 29 July 2011)

‘Can Architects Fix the Suburbs? Designers Visit Long Island to Find Out’ by David Glick, Architect (Huffington Post blog, 2 June 2011)

‘Saving Suburban Gardens will make Britain’s Housing Problems Worse’, by Rowan Moore, Architecture critic (The Observer, 13 June 2010)

‘Not Just Window Dressing: Suburbs Using Art in Vacant Storefronts to Help Revitalize Communities’ by Joseph Ruzich (Chicago Tribune, 25 May 2011) 

‘How History Killed the Suburb’, by Kaid Benfield (The Atlantic, 25 April 2011)

‘The Sound of the Suburbs and Literary Tradition, by John Harris (The Guardian, 3 April 2010)

‘New Suburbs Forced to Adopt Car Culture’, by Deborah Gough (, 21 March 2010)

‘Suburban Regeneration: Croyden’, by Rowan Moore (The Guardian, 28 February 2010)