Network News Archive



Partner and Advisory Board members of the Network presented individual and panel papers on our aims and activities at the following international conferences over the course of the project (2011 to 2014):

AHRC Research Network “Home, Crisis and the Imagination”, Workshop on Literary Cultures, University of Leeds, February 2014

“The Changing Suburban Cultures of Bangalore”, Jain University, Bangalore, India, April 2013.

“From Suburban Dreamscape to Nightmare.” Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, April 10-11, 2013. (Six sessions, with Paul Maginn)

“What is Sustainability?” Environmental Studies Research Workshop, University of Warwick, 25 March 2013.

“From the Outside In: Sustainable Futures for Global Cities and Suburbs.”  Hofstra University / Columbia University / New York University.  March 7-9, 2013. (with Robert Brinkmann and Lisa-Marie Pierre)

“Narratives of Suburbia”, one-day symposium at University of Westminster, Friday 15 June 2012.

Oxford University 3rd Global Conference “Space and Place”, Mansfield College, Oxford, 3 – 6 September 2012

The Canadian Association of American Studies Annual Conference “Geographies of Promise and Betrayal: Land and Place in US Studies”, Centre for the Study of the United States, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 October 2012.

“The Suburbs and the 2010 Census.”  George Mason University / Hofstra University / Northeastern University / University of Maryland, Baltimore County, July 14-16, 2011. (with Katrin Anacker, Bernadette Hanlon, Lawrence Levy, and Thomas Vicino)




Partners in the Network have delivered the following individual talks and papers during the lifetime of the project.


Martin Dines, “Ode to a suburban garden: eccentric narrative in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Stranger’s Child”, Literary London Conference, Institute of English Studies, 23-25 July 2014


– – – , “American Suburban Narratives”, Public lecture, University of Catania, Italy, 20 April 2014


– – – , “‘Middlesex will be all before us’: Englishness and queer histories at the periphery in Alan Hollinghurst’s fiction, University of Brighton Literature seminar series, 21 November 2013


– – – , “Built to last: Suburban histories on the contemporary stage”, British Association for American Studies Conference, Exeter, 18-21 April 2013


– – – , “American Suburban Gothic”,Gothic: Culture, Subculture, Counterculture Conference, St Mary’s University College, London, 8-9 March 2013


– – – , “Literary Teardowns: suburban dereliction and redevelopment in recent American writing”,Literature and Landscape Research seminar, University of Portsmouth, 12 February 2013


– – – , ‘“Vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ relationships in the middle-class home in postwar British queer novels”, Sexuality at Home Workshop, University College London, 11 December 2012


– – – , “American suburban fiction and historical consciousness”, Keynote address at the Narratives of Suburbia Colloquium, University of Westminster, 15 June 2012


Jo Gill, “The Poetics of the American Suburbs”, Ledbury Poetry Festival (, 7 July 2014


– – – , “The Sounds of the Suburbs”, Town Meets Gown event, Exeter Global Centre (, 15 May 2012. See:


– – – , “The Cultures of the Suburbs”, University Showcase: Alumni Weekend, University of Exeter, Sept. 2011.


Christopher Niedt, “The U.S. Suburban Electorate: Place-Level Differences in Political Opinion.” Annual Meeting of the Urban Affairs Association, San Antonio, TX, March 21, 2014.

– – – Conference Keynote, “Creative Destruction and Political Struggle in the Suburban United States.” Global Suburbanisms: Governance, Land and Infrastructure.  York University, September 26-28, 2013.

– – -, “Immigrant Segregation Across Suburban Typologies: First Findings from the 2007-2011 ACS”.  Out of Control Suburbs?: Third Symposium of the Cultures of the Suburbs International Research Network.. Hempstead, N.Y., June 27-28, 2013. (with Katrin Anacker; co-author presented)

– – -, “From Diverse Suburban Demographics to Diverse Suburban Politics.”  Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, New York, N.Y., February 28, 2012.

– – -, “The Diverse Suburb and Political Opinion.”  Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New York, N.Y., February 23, 2012.

– – -,  “Suburban Places and Political Opinion: Integrating the American Community Survey and the National Suburban Survey.”  Suburbs and the 2010 Census Conference, Arlington, Va., July 14, 2011.